Evita, Othello, Mercedes Benz, AIMA - ITC, Philips etc. have one thing in common.
We designed and created the stage for them. We ensured they were audible and lit them into prominence in theatre productions and launch conferences.

That's what we have been doing for more than 10 years. Staging, lighting, sound for Shows, Conferences and Events.

We call ourselves LANDMARK EVENTS.

Today we come to you after we have consolidated our business, expanded our in-house creative and design teams, office infrastructure etc. to keep up with the changing nature of the Business of Event Management and Technology.

We have incorporated these changes in our organization because we believe that 'Live Events' is increasingly being used as a medium for Direct Marketing & Promotions.
Live Events. It is all about meeting with a select group of individuals with a business plan. They could be esteemed consumers, investors, dealers, well -wishers etc. Our in-house Design Team assists you in conceptualizing the Event such that it provides you with the ideal platform to lay the foundations and the strengthening of a long-term business relationship. We let you make use of the unspoken word to strengthen your message. The ambience we create with the use of color, music, displays is to facilitate this one-to-one dialogue in a relaxed atmosphere.

But that still does not relinquish you of your role as hosts. You need the time and space to showcase your product to your guests. You need to run the proceedings on autopilot.

That's where Landmark Events steps in again. Our in-house TECHNICAL and FELLOWSHIP Teams work as your backbone. We handle settings, lights, sound, entertainment, food & beverages, hotel and travel itineraries etc.

We will conceptualize the flow, manage the talent, shape the content and cover the logistics for you. Over the years we have created strong professional associations with a range of choreographers, talent from the entertainment industry etc. This pool of associates provides you with a choice and range from top-flight professionals to younger talent looking for opportunities.

You choose from the range of options we will submit.

Landmark Events is here to assist you with any kind of support that is integral to your Event Show Or Conference.